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Bamboo Stick Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage

Dissolves stress, anxiety, worries and stills mental chatter and transports you to a place of inner peace
What is a bamboo massage?
Bamboo massage is relatively new in the world of massage therapy.
Bamboo massage is a unique massage involving the use of natural bamboo canes of various sizes to knead and roll out knots and relax tense muscles. The bamboo pieces are specially designed so I can access and treat all areas of the body effectively. Bamboo, like all massage modalities can be adapted to address your own individual needs.
Bamboo massage is said to originate from Asia and China and was used in a multitude of ways, ranging from musical instruments to elaborate decorations, artwork, and even agricultural tools. In China, stalks of bamboo still symbolise eternal youth, strength, prosperity and peace. Bamboo is a rich source of silica, used in China for food, herbal medicine, buildings and in beauty products.
It is still thought of as a symbol for longevity in China, and a symbol of friendship in India.
Bamboo is a sturdy versatile plant that is found in abundance throughout Asia. The plant has traditional significance in many countries; it symbolises strength of character, resilience, flexibility, honesty and simplicity.
Why Bamboo?
There are more than 1,200 species of Bamboo, all of them related to sugarcane and corn and is a highly renewable source as can grow as fast as one foot in 24 hours and will grow back to full-size in a few years thus making this an ethical tool.
Effects and benefits of bamboo massage
  • Bamboo allows for a deeper application of pressure
  • Skin: massage has a natural desquamating effect which will allow for greater product absorption, as well as firming and toning the skin
  • Circulatory system: massage encourages blood flow creating vasodilation, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the cells and collecting waste products such as carbon dioxide-this is a fundamental function of the body's renewal process. The production of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and leucocytes (white blood cells) are increased, supporting the immune system.
  • Lymphatic system: known as the body's secondary circulation. If waste output is increased via the removal of carbon dioxide, waste and urea...the body will naturally be detoxifying itself! Also helps eliminate water retention.
  • Muscular system: overworked, tired and aching muscles are renewed as the bamboo massage increases the removal of lactic acid as muscles are ironed out.
  • Nervous system: a relaxing massage where nerve endings are soothed bringing a deep state of relaxation, calm, peace and a sense of well-being.
  • Helps improve conditions including: arthritis, heavy or aching legs, neck/back/shoulder pain, tendonitis and migraines to name a few.

When can you not have a bamboo massage?

Please note the following 6 things are specific to bamboo and will mean a bamboo massage is not suitable for you:

  •  severe arthritis/rheumatism

  •  brittle bones

  •  weak lumbar back/chronic back pain

  •  broken bones

  •  broken skin (eczema, psoriasis)

  •  skin diseases/disorders

Also please be aware that the following can restrict you from having a massage:
  •  infectious diseases (viral e.g. flu/bacterial e.g. impetigo/fungal e.g. athletes foot/infestations e.g. head lice)
  •  active shingles
  •  pregnancy (in first 12 weeks)
  •  broken bones
  •  thrombosis/phlebitis/embolism
  •  a temperature (wait 24 hrs until your temperature has gone down)
  • diarrhoea and/or vomiting in last 24 hours
  •  arthritis 
  •  dysfunction of the nervous system
  •  blood diseases (e.g. HIV and hepatitis)
  •  under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  •  receiving cancer treatment (check with your doctor if ok to have reflexology between chemotherapy/radiotherapy etc
You may need GP consent if you have:
  •  diabetes
  •  epilepsy
  •  recently post-op
If any doubts, please do message me.


£70 for 75 minutes 

£80 for 90 minutes (including hot stone)

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