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Axe Your Anxiety

How do you want to be for the next phase of your life?

  • Do you struggle with your symptoms? Do you suffer with brain fog or fatigue or lack of sleep (or perhaps a combination of all 3 + more)? 

  • Would you love to manage your anxiety naturally?

  • Do you feel there is a lack of information/awareness?

  • Do you wish to embrace your anxiety, rather than battle with it?


Axe your anxiety


High stress levels can make you feel irritable and tired due to adrenal fatigue.

You may feel like there are not enough hours in the day - what you need is a simple way to get on top of your anxiety and show it who's boss (yes, that's you!) in small bite-sized chunks to fit in with your busy life. Gain knowledge and tools to implement. 

Knowledge is power!

Can you see how this works? I can help you.

I have seen, listened to and worked with many people with anxiety.

As a hypno-antianxiety consultant therapist, I saw lots of ladies for anxiety and found this was new to them - they had never had anxiety before in their lives and no trigger. This made me dig deeper into finding a link with anxiety and ladies of a certain age who had no why now? I found the answer to be perimenopause/menopause. Whether you are going through the menopause or not, this program is perfect for you if you struggle with anxiety.

And you can get all of this for just £47.

What will I get?

This is what you will get:

  • Video modules in bite-sized chunks

  • At least 12 short videos with over 90 minutes of content


There's more!

Benefits of this online package:

  • You don't need to leave your house 

  • Accessible on mobiles and laptops/desktops

  • Work through the package in your own time

  • You'll get lifetime access

  • More affordable than a 1-2-1 session with me

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