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 Empowering Women to Thrive During Midlife and Embrace Change

A community of women on a similar path to find inner peace during this time of transition into the next phase of their life.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed

during this transition to the menopause?

Maybe you’re suffering with poor sleep or night sweats

making you groggy in the morning?

Perhaps you feel your rage go from 0 to 100 in a flash

or get hot flushes and don’t know how to deal with them?

Struggling to focus at work or home, forgetting things,

brain feeling like cotton wool?

Is it affecting your relationships with your partner

family friends colleagues?

Do you feel like your life is over…or maybe your have regrets

or cannot come to terms with the change in you?

Are you nearing that stage and want to be better prepared when approaching the perimenopause stage of your life?

Or maybe you’re post menopause, but the above describes you?

This is the place for busy ladies who want to be able to develop their mindset and tackle some of the above issues affecting their lives but who cannot commit to regular 121 sessions or would prefer something more affordable.

There is no judgement whether you are on HRT or not – this is an inclusive space, helping you to feel empowered, however young or old you are. If you want to build your confidence and self esteem, you’re in the right place.

This is not for you if you are not open to receiving support and guidance enabling you to thrive through perimenopause, menopause and beyond.



Meet Karen, the Northern born finance industry veteran turned holistic therapist extraordinaire.

With a strong work ethic and unrelenting determination, Karen has helped countless women overcome anxiety, embrace self care, and unlock their full potential over the past 6 years.

But Karens journey was not without its struggles.


A traumatic experience when four years set her on a path of stress, anxiety, and depression that was not properly addressed until her teenage years. Despite years of failed antidepressant treatments, Karen persevered and ultimately found her calling in helping others navigate the same challenges she once faced.

Outside of work, Karen is an avid traveller and lover of all things outdoors. As an amateur triathlete, she is not afraid to break a sweat and push herself to the limit. But don't be fooled Karen knows how to relax too.


When the sun goes down and the cold weather sets in, she cosies up with her two adorable rescue dogs and indulges in her guilty pleasure: family sized chocolate bars.

Whether you're looking for a friend, a therapist, or just some inspiration to seize the day,

Karens energy and passion are infectious. So why not join her on the journey to self discovery and live life to the fullest?

I meant ‘through menopause’. Ideally I’d have the strap line too on the bigger posts (like
I meant ‘through menopause’. Ideally I’d have the strap line too on the bigger posts (like

All for just £35 per month

Fancy a little more?

Upgrade to membership plus a monthly 1:1 session for just £99


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a group session, can I catch up?

What if I can’t make a group coaching session but have questions or need help, how does that work?

Will the price go up?

Can I cancel my membership or am I in a contract?

How do I get my 10% off Tropic & 15% off ZFL products

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