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Reflexology benefits include feelings of deep relaxation, improved mood, improved sleep and a general sense of health and well-being.

What is reflexology?

A treatment that works on the feet (or hands) to balance the whole body, promoting healing by stimulating body's own healing process. It includes massage and pressure point techniques which has an effect on the energy pathways or reflex zones of the body. Using the Eunice D. Ingham method each foot is divided into zones (along the length of the feet). These zones are thought to correspond to different areas of the body. Our anatomy and physiology of the human body can fit neatly into the shape of the feet. The points on the left foot can represent the left side of the body or relate to the present. The points on the right foot can represent the right side of the body or relate to the past. 

Energy may be deficient, stagnated (or even excess)...reflexology aims to create balance and harmony in systems of the body (physical and emotional). Where there is congestion/imbalance, these can be detected through changes in the feet.



  • Balances energy to return the body to a state of equilibrium on a mental, emotional as well as physical level

  • Improves circulation

  • Lymph system is boosted, improving immunity and the removal of toxins (increase in activity of the kidneys)

  • Deeply relaxing (relieves mental and emotional fatigue)

  • Creates a feeling of wellbeing as endorphins are released

  • Promotes healing by stimulating body's own healing process

  • Eases pain as the pressure on the points acts to confuse the body pain receptors and interrupt the pain cycle

  • Improves sleep (Soporific - sleep/trace inducing)

  • Balances hormones (endocrine system)

  • Stimulates and soothes the nervous system (link between body and brain)


When can you not have a reflexology treatment?

Please be aware that the following can restrict you from having reflexology:

  • infectious diseases (viral e.g. flu/bacterial e.g. impetigo/fungal e.g. athletes foot/infestations e.g. head lice)

  • active shingles

  • pregnancy (in first 12 weeks)

  • broken bones

  • thrombosis/phlebitis/embolism

  • a temperature (wait 24 hrs until your temperature has gone down)

  • diarrhoea and /or vomiting in last 24 hours

  • arthritis 

  • dysfuntion of the nervous system

  • blood diseases (e.g. HIV and hepititis)

  • under the influence of alcohol/drugs

  • receiving cancer treatment (check with your doctor if ok to have reflexology between chemotherapy/radiotherapy etc


You may need GP consent if you have:

  • diabetes

  • epilepsy

  • recently post-op


If any doubts, please do message me.

What happens during the reflexology treatment?

A consultation will take place to understand your individual needs.

You will be asked to remove your watch, shoes and socks and invited to lay on the treatment couch, fully clothed. Your feet will be cleansed and the treatment will commence. I will be using various techniques to work on the reflex zones on the feet to help correct imbalances throughout the body.

Sensations felt during a treatment can include:

  • Pressure

  • Sensitivity

  • Crystals/grains in the feet

  • Travelling sensations/sensations in the body

  • Tingling

  • Twitching

  • Rumbling tummy


A bottle/glass of water will be provided after the treatment. It is advised to not drink alcohol/caffeine or eat a heavy meal in the hours immediately after the treatment.

Although benefits are often felt after 1 session, regular treatments will maintain the effects.

3 treatments are generally needed to balance basic problems before you start to feel the lasting benefits. Old injuries can be more problematic as can long-term stress

Ideally 1 session per week, for 6 weeks, then monthly thereafter. Please enquire about block-booking as a discount will be offered for treatments paid for in advance.

I am qualified with a VTCT level 3 diploma in reflexology and I am a fully insured member of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists), therefore if you have health insurance, please check your policy as you may be covered for some/all of the cost of the treatment.

£50 for 55 minutes 

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