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Reiki Treatment

Stressed? Anxious? Run-down? Want to try a more natural approach to regain balance, vitality or perhaps you want to regain control?

Serenity Therapies with Karen is unique in that you have access to a wide range of services, including hypnotherapy, reiki and reflexology to further enhance your wellbeing.

You also have (optional) access to advice/coaching during treatments if you would like it. Alternatively, if you want to switch off for 30-120 minutes, I can be silent during the hands on treatment and you can drift away whilst listening to the chill-out music. You can be rest assured of client confidentiality as well as a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Your treatments will be tailored where necessary (this will be discussed in the consultation process).

Serenity Therapies offers a range of complementary/holistic therapies which have helped many others and hopefully will help you too. Tailoring therapies to suit you, treating the mind and body as one.

The cost of many of my treatments can be reclaimed via health insurance so please check your policy.

My name is Karen Lewchenko BA (Hons) ACA and I started a complementary therapy clinic in 2017 in Doncaster. I qualified as a chartered accountant but realised that my life's journey so far had set me up to help people in times of need. Throughout my life I have battled with many issues and have learnt to deal with them through various methods and understand a 'one size' does not fit all. I am telling you a bit about myself so you can see I am a normal, professional person with a lot of empathy and passion for helping others. I can say I understand how you may be feeling if you suffer/have suffered with depression and or anxiety.

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