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Are you literally dying for a fag/vape?

With the cost of cigarettes going up added to the cost to your health, it is no wonder that the number of smokers in the UK are reducing.

Do you find you despise:

  • stinking of fags?

  • having yellow fingers?

  • spending £15 per pack of 20 cigs?

  • feeling alienated/unsocial having to nip out for a cigarette?

  • coughing your guts up in the morning?


I have helped many people like you. You too can become a non-smoker in just one 120 minute session. My success rate is excellent with people who really want to stop. 

Vaping is considered 'safer' than smoking, however, the long-term effects are still unknown and there are many reports of 'popcorn' lung. Think about does your vape smell and taste like cherry (add own flavour here)? Have you ever considered what chemicals you are breathing in?

1 session lasting up to 120 minutes and you'll become a non-smoker or a non-vaper. 

The price of being able to quit is the equivalent to approximately 14 packs of cigarettes (£200).

If you know you are ready to stop, book your appointment online with me today

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