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Facial Reflexology

Virtual home sessions

(Award winning Bergman Method)

An incredible treatment to help ease stress, anxiety and depression

Facial reflexology focuses on reflex (pressure) points on the face, which help stimulate the body's healing mechanisms.

If you’re looking for an award-winning treatment from the comfort of your own home, you can now access our specialist Facial Reflexology self-care sessions via Zoom. Don’t worry if you have never tried it, I’ll talk you through everything you’ll need to know.

Virtual Treatments have opened up opportunities for people suffering with stress and anxiety, pain and disability to enjoy the benefits of a treatment in their home without the need for face-to-face contact.

Virtual Facial Reflexology is important for clients who are unable to leave the house for reasons including:

  • Transport Difficulties

  • Distance from Reflexology Clinic

  • Self-Isolation

  • Immuno-suppressed patients

  • Patients in at-risk groups being over 70

  • Patients in at-risk groups due to heart conditions

  • Patients in at-risk groups due to respiratory conditions

  • Patients in at-risk groups due to diabetes

What does Virtual Facial Reflexology involve?
You will be sent a link to join a video call. Before the video call you will be assessed using a range of questions designed to understand why you are getting symptoms or pain and what can be done to improve things. Once you are comfortable I will begin the practical element of the session and you’ll follow my techniques and mirror these on your own face, I will be able to see you and can check your pressure and technique every step of the way as I guide you through a short Facial Reflexology sequence. It will also include relaxing and stretching movements and end with a calming meditation with the aim to help you let go of any stress or worries. From your assessment I can usually get a good idea of what the problem is and formulate a treatment plan to address your problems.
What problems can Facial Reflexology help with?
Virtual Facial Reflexology has been shown to help with a wide range of conditions including:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Lifts the Mood

  • Oxygenates Facial Muscles

  • Can smooth away tension

  • Improve Headaches

  • Bruxism and teeth grinding

Plus many more…

If your problem isn’t listed above, give me a call to discuss whether you would benefit from a Virtual Facial Reflexology treatment or an appointment in the clinic.

Facial reflexology helps open up neural pathways, assisting in the control of stress levels.


Facial reflexology benefits/aims to:

  • reduce symptoms of stress

  • benefit those suffering with migraine and bruxism (teeth grinding)

  • improve circulation of the face and head area

  • bring about a general feeling of calmness and relaxation

  • improve lymphatic drainage

  • relieve tension in the muscle tissue

  • relieve mental strain and improve concentration

  • help relieve sinusitis/congestion

  • rejuvenate the skin - leaving you face glowing and radiant

  • stimulate collagen and elastin (minimise appearance of ageing)

The effects of facial reflexology are cumulative and often the full effects can be seen after 4-6 sessions

£30 for 30 minutes

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