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Manage your anxiety, stress &/or depression

Are you struggling with anxiety or stress or depression (or a combination)? Medication not working as intended? It is playing on your mind 24/7? Does it affect your ability to sleep, socialise, maintain friendships, function in your everyday life?

Complementary therapies are designed to work alongside conventional medicine to help you get your life back on track.



What treatments can I expect to help with my anxiety/stress/depression?


There have been studies supporting the fact that reflexology can help alleviate anxiety, stress, nausea as well as pain. The following reflexes can be calmed down during a session (especially tailored to your needs):

  • Adrenal glands. These glands stimulate the fight, flight, freeze reaction in our body (stress hormone)  which can have us constantly on edge and alert.

  • Pituitary gland. As the stress hormones decrease, your pituitary gland can go back to a normal hormonal function.

  • Brain. Increased mental relaxation as well as physical relaxation.

  • Pineal gland. Reflexology can help reset your natural sleep cycle.

  • Colon - If your stress or anxiety is linked to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or other colon issues, this treatment may provide some relief.


Certain essential oils have specific properties that makes them ideal for treating a particular complaint. Use of essential oils can be used to help with:

Reducing blood pressure

Lift mood

Restore hormone balance

Improve energy levels

Relieve headaches






Digestive problems

+ many more

Also, blends can be created for the following general objectives (mind and well-being):








When booking an aromatherapy massage, please state the complaints/objective of the massage. Also please check with your doctor if you are on any medication.



Hypnotherapy is like a massage for the mind. It allows you to address these unconscious mechanism those unconscious mechanisms that are playing on your symptoms and quieten them down.

During this session, you will also receive some coaching around anxiety/ panic attacks/ stress/ depression, explained in layman's terms and a bespoke session will be created around your needs.

Please note that the hypnotherapy or coaching session will be conducted via zoom.

What can I expect?

A consultation will take place to understand your individual needs and a bespoke treatment created. As well as the treatments, you can also expect some coaching and knowledge around lifestyle to help you through your anxiety.

Your first session will be around 90 minutes, with the subsequent 2 sessions being 55 minutes each.


How much?

For the 3 sessions, there is an introductory offer on for £150. You will learn to understand your body, be given knowledge on how to improve your lifestyle (and therefore symptoms).

What next?

When you click 'book now, you will be booking in for your first session (which will be online coaching/hypnotherapy). You can message me or book in your next treatment when I see you at your first appointment.

I will send out an electronic consultation form which will need sending back prior to our online session.

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