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Healing The Inner Child Group Workshop

How Do You Know if Your Inner Child Needs Healing?


If you resonate with one or more of these statements then you would benefit from this Inner Child healing workshop.

  • You have feelings of not being good enough, not being lovable enough or that it’s your fault when things go wrong.

  • You didn’t feel wanted and loved as a child and now you struggle to experience healthy loving relationships and feel stuck always expecting that people will let you down.

  • You can’t bear the idea of being on your own or being abandoned and your relationships are emotionally needy.

  • You experience intense and irrational emotions e.g. crying uncontrollably, fury, deep feelings of insecurity.

  • You’re aware of wounds from your childhood, including experiences death of someone close to you, parents’ divorce, of abuse, or other trauma.

  • You feel powerless in your life and possibly expect someone else to make you happy or feel better, ‘fix things’ for you or even make decisions for you.

  • You have childlike responses to particular situations or people, e.g. you rebel and show your tongue, have an emotional outburst, or even throw a tantrum and stamp your feet.

A Hug

Inner Child Healing


This is a very intense half day workshop where we go through many different letters and assessments to eliminate blockages stemming from early childhood (Inner Child work). We will use many healing tools, such as:

  • Hypnosis.

  • Questionnaires and Assessments.

  • Hypnotic Regression to four different childhood phases.

  • Drawing – a journey of psychological analysis for self-discovery.


This unique and enlightening workshop is one of the most touching, delicate and fun workshops that there probably is around. Together, we explore the Inner Child within all of us. We will attempt to rescue the wounded child in a safe and effective way. This will undoubtedly enhance the quality of the rest of your life.

  • Open up now for a comprehensive cleansing of the whole of your system.

  • You’ll have a real sense of REBIRTH in your life.

  • After this workshop your life will start ANEW.


There is really only one way to do this, and that’s to explore and release the original pain. Your subconscious mind needs to know what you want to address and heal. It will help you do that. That’s why I will be referring to the work we will be doing as “ORIGINAL PAIN RELEASE”

Some reasons to seek Inner Child Therapy:


  • Unresolved suppressed childhood issues can in adult life lead to problematic communications, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, emotional problems, lack of confidence, insecurity, low self-esteem, OCD, relationship problems, weight problems, anger issues, addictions or co-dependency.

  • These often unconscious conflicts can make one feel sad, lonely, abandoned, unworthy or distrustful.

  • One may become defensive and get into a self-defeating pattern that in time might take one’s last hopes in life. Often these patterns emerge during childhood in order to protect the child once wounded, and later in life it just becomes self-perpetuating and prevents one from living the life one deserves and emotionally desperately longs for.

How this empowering Inner Child Therapy works


This type of Inner Child work is very different than talking therapy; it is a journey into the suppressed unconscious mind – the wounded part of the Self. Due to the wounds being often inaccessible due to suppressing mechanisms we need to investigate and find what is that might have caused faulty programming in the mind and we do this by skillfully facilitating a gentle hypnosis age regression. During this soothing, healing regression we briefly re-visit the earliest childhood and cover all the four main age scales where a child can be hurt. You can gently and safely access and heal the hidden areas, memories and release old, congested or blocked energies. One is smoothly reminded of how one felt and can then start an uplifting, healing dialogue process between the adult Self and the Child. Using both the non-dominant and dominant hands you can restore communication, comfort, trust and ultimately, profound healing. Connection to your inner self is then facilitated and you finally start being able to feel and use your instincts, to trust your inner voice and knowing your heart’s desire much more clearly. In case of strong emotions surfacing it’s a good idea to book an individual appointment for therapeutic healing after this workshop to ensure complete resolution. As you learn to access your own inner resources you will begin to feel safe and empowered. You will begin to find a much deeper level of understanding of your Self thus affecting your own physical and emotional well-being and all your relationships. All of us desire a life that is fulfilling and nurturing, and includes long lasting, loving and trusting relationships. You can now fulfill this inborn desire and begin to see and feel life as it really is: a place of infinite possibilities for happiness. Act now.   THE DRAWING At the end of this workshop you’ll be asked to draw something which will be explained at the end and given all psychological meanings into your own characteristics. This is a thought giving exercise so to have another investigative view of your own Self and to address other areas to work on in the future.

That little girl/boy inside you remains always a child regardless of your age.


You may find it difficult to do some of these things as an adult for the fear of becoming embarrassed. Many of us never realize that these feelings of embarrassment come at the expense of being happy and contented. Some of us feel it’s silly to express emotions and feelings. Often, these suppressed feelings lead to “inner conflicts” resulting in confusion, depression, indecisiveness, and often prevent us (the adult us), from feeling happy and content.  




Bringing out the child within us is not as easy as it sounds. We don’t just have one child inside, we have thousands. You see, inside us must be a child of one, a child of one and a half, two, three, four, five, six years, and of course we have many “adults” inside us too. So, which child do we need to look after? Well that’s actually simple: all of them!

The first thing we need to do is to set the child FREE.


In my point of view, one of the main reasons for adult discontentment is due to the serious, continuous neglect of that child within us.

This workshop is dedicated to helping you to free that wounded child.


It is designed to help us “adults”, to re-connect with the child, acknowledge it, and learn to understand, accept, and nurture, the desires and motivations, of that Inner Child. Note that this is a group workshop and is not suitable for severe childhood’s traumas. 

Some benefits of this Inner Child Therapy

  1. You’ll take the time to connect and be aware of and honour your child’s feelings, needs and fears. Your Inner Child will appreciate it. The more aware and sensitive of the Inner Child you are the less the Inner Child will push forward and take over.

  2. By connecting with, and getting to know you Inner Child you’ll be more and more sensitive to what hurts the Inner Child, and can consciously make choices and decisions about how to best meet the Inner Child’s interest.

  3. You’ll be always connected or re-connected to your Inner Child and will much more easily sense its needs of attention and protection and will be able to set and maintain healthy boundaries with others, which will make your Inner Child feel safe and respected. You’ll know exactly how to honour your Inner Child at all times.

  4. Your Inner Child may not have learnt to express its feelings or doesn’t feel it’s safe to do so. It might now have so much anger and frustration in itself that it fears falling out of control. Once you learn the cause for its frustrations or fears and address it, it will be easier to monitor it and safely express dislikes when needed.

  5. It will help you realise that you – and your feelings or sensitive Self – are as lovable and worthy as everybody else.

  6. It will be easier for you to handle feelings and sentiments whenever they arise so they will not become overwhelming and suppressed again.

  7. You’ll learn to honour and respect your Inner Child and will safely and naturally learn to stay out of toxic or dysfunctional situations and relationships that are really toxic for your Inner Child – for example really bad relationships.

  8. You’ll sense, maybe for the first time that everybody’s Inner Child is always vulnerable. You’ll be more sensitive to recognize the difference between vulnerability and fear, helplessness or extreme sensitivity.

  9. A disowned Inner Child can become desperate or completely numb and depressed. You’ll learn to recognise those patterns and address them appropriately.

  10. Realise that there are many people or groups your Inner Child feels safe with and enjoys being with. These may be different from the people your adult self feels good with.

  11. You’ll feel better in yourself and calmer, which in turn will cause your Inner Child to feel better and more open to a healthy diet and healthy habits. Gone will be the days with food or eating problems, sleeping problems.

  12. The Inner Child needs financial security, so in uncertain times remain connected to it to reassure it that you are there to look after it.

  13. You’ll be more aware of the need of some routine, order and predictability When these needs are met our Inner Child is much more able to be spontaneous and playful.

  14. You’ll be more observant of things in your environment that make your Inner Child feel good wherever you go (e.g. vibrant colours, cushions, familiar cosy objects, pictures, plants, toys.) and will allow yourself to house them.

  15. Taking care of our spiritual self feels very reassuring and comforting to our Inner Child. There are many useful spiritual practices that nurture out spirituality and that will meet the needs of the child in you. These include, but are not limited to meditation, prayer, guided imagery, art, music, time in nature, rituals, reading inspirational material, yoga, journaling, mindfulness and gratitude.


CRITICAL TIMES There are four critical stages from birth where children can suffer damage for life. Unresolved damage suffered in these stages of young life becomes an imprint in our system, in our essence. It remains embedded in our subconscious mind as a faulty program running all the time causing an unconscious self-sabotage mechanism – until we address it. Here we critically and carefully explore these four stages:

0-9      MONTHS OLD (infant)

9—18  MONTHS OLD (toddler)

3 TO 5 YEARS OLD (pre — school)


The next online workshop (via zoom) is date Sunday 2nd July 10am - 3.30pm (UK time) - 5 hours

£79 (includes all materials if in the UK) early bird offer until 25.06.23. Usual price £99 

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