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Corporate Wellbeing

Would your workforce benefit from improved productivity and reduced absenteeism? 

Have you thought about having a therapist coming in to talk to individuals in a confidential capacity or have a mini treatment but didn't know where to start?

Would you like to discuss how a wellbeing program would work in your workplace?

How about having a professional therapist working along side your employees all in the comfort of your own offices!

I can come to your business premises within a 20 mile radius of Doncaster, DN1 (mileage to be added to distances > 20 miles).

As an auditor, I have worked in various corporate environments and therefore happy to discuss your current concerns and create a plan tailored to your needs.

I can come in for a half day or a full day to provide employees a time slot of 20 or 50 minutes.

Alternatively, if your employees have health insurance which covers complementary therapies, then employees may be able to have a treatment on site and claim for it straight away. 

Treatment options (mins):


  •   reiki (20/50)

  •   aromatherapy massage (20/50)

  •   head/scalp massage (20)

  •   reflexology (20/50)

  •   hypnotherapy/coaching (50)


  • mindfulness/meditation workshops


As part of my hypnotherapy training we learnt NLP and various other tools also taught in counselling.

I believe stress contributes to ill health so by working on relaxation and their mindset can help someone reframe a 'stressful' situation.


During an initial 50 min treatment, I tailor therapy to that person, looking at them as a whole (holistically) discussing their mindset, work and their lifestyle.

Stress, anxiety and depression can come about from various factors. I am not a replacement for a GP but can look at how individuals can increase their serotonin levels and make little changes over time to improve their wellbeing.

I also give talks to small groups about stress and anxiety, having been all too aware of the pressures in the finance world but also in other industries, both big/small corporations.

I am also a mental health first aider and specialise in stress, anxiety and depression.

Drop me an email at or call 07513 531009 to discuss more.


Karen Lewchenko ACA


My corporate clients include:


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