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Your Menopause Masterplan

Who do you want to be for the next phase of your life?

  • Are you at that time in your life?

  • Did menopause catch up on you?

  • Do you struggle with your symptoms? Do you suffer with brain fog or hot flushes or lack of sleep (or perhaps a combination of all 3 + more)? 

  • Would you love to manage your menopause naturally?

  • Do you feel there is a lack of information/awareness?

  • Do you wish to embrace your menopause, rather than battle with it?

Yellow Dress

Pause and reframe


You're probably struggling as you may have children/grandchildren to care for and may even be looking after elderly parents (as well as having a job).

Life is busy and you've probably been too distracted to notice the menopause creeping up on you.

As women we're often the ones to pull our big knickers (Bridget Jones style) up and just 'get on with it'.

You're not alone - this is a common problem for women...and no, you're not going mad!

As us ladies reach the next phase of our lives, our hormones change (again). We're no longer in a 'baby-making' phase (thank goodness I hear some of you say).

Yes, that's right...its time to focus on the next chapter.

Stress levels are no longer balanced so you can feel irritable and tired due to adrenal fatigue.

Your symptoms can differ to someone else's due to the hormone levels (or lack of) in your body. The answer to this is to take a good look at your lifestyle now (not 10 years ago).

You may feel like there are not enough hours in the day - what you need is a simple way to get on top of your menopause and show it who's boss (yes, that's you!) in small bite-sized chunks to fit in with your busy life. Gain knowledge and tools to implement. 

Knowledge is power!

Can you see how this works? I can help you.

I have seen, listened to and worked with ladies entering the perimenopause and menopause so know what and how you're feeling.

As a hypno-antianxiety consultant therapist, I saw lots of ladies for anxiety and found this was new to them - they had never had anxiety before in their lives and no trigger. This made me dig deeper into finding a link with anxiety and ladies of a certain age who had no why now? I found the answer to be perimenopause/menopause. Whilst I do not diagnose, I do offer help with symptoms and give out information to help you understand what is happening and can help you create a better lifestyle balance that is right for you. I have done the research and helped ladies just like you.

And you can get all of this for just £29 (until the 9th July 2022, which is when I will be releasing this which point the price will increase to £47).

What will I get?

This is what you will get:

  • Video modules including the 5 pillars of menopause

  • Worksheets

  • Hypnotherapy audio tracks to help combat symptoms



You'll also get access to my supreme sleep package (worth £25)


There's more!

Benefits of this online package:

  • You don't need to leave your house 

  • Accessible on mobiles and laptops/desktops

  • Work through the package in your own time

  • You'll get lifetime access

  • More affordable than a 1-2-1 session with me

  • I will also be updating this as more people join...early birds will be able to access extra content at no extra cost!

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